I’ll talk about a movie that is called Marley&Me.

The film tells the story of the life of a dog.

The film is based on a book, is directed by David Frankel.

The film stars are Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. It is a dramatic comedy.


The story is about a dog and the movie show us how much dogs are importants to us and how much they can change our lifes and make our lifes much better. The action starts in Michigan but the film is set in Florida.

The plot is really is very interesting, and we laugh a lot during the film.

The acting is intense. It is a beautifully written.

It neither slow nor long. And have a very emotive ending.


If you like dogs and if you have or want have a dog I truly recommend see this film.


Summer Camps

Today, I came to talk about Summer Camps. There are a lot of Summer Camps like: academic camps; adventure camps; arts camps; religious camps; military camps; etc.

In summer camps people can learn about new subjects, discover new things, meet new people, meet new places, learn new habits, have different routines, and do a lot of activities.

The benefits of attending summer camps are to get new knowledge, make new friends, discover new things.

The negative aspects of attending summer camps are being away from family and friends, and for some people money is a problem.

I’ve never been in a summer camp, but I guess that my type of summer camp is the academic camps, because, I love learning new things about any subject.

I think that summer camps are good for kids because even when we are still very young we should get used to being in new places without our family, just discovering new things that we have never seen before.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King was born on 15 of January 1929. He was an African American men.

He was a minister and pastor. He fought against racism and human rights. Participated in several demonstrations, protests and in the boycott with Rosa Parks.

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”

I have a dream that one day the tterrorism, racism, economic problems and bolling are over.


Margarida´s Eating Habits

Hi everyone! Today I would like to write about eating habits and lifestyle. I have  healthy eating habits and lifestyle.

Food plays a big role in my life because food contains vitamins and minerals that do us goog especially fibers that prevent cancer. I am careful with my diet because I do a lot of sport and my coaches pay special attention to our food habits.

My daily diet is based on fresh and healthy food. I eat fruit and vegetables every day, sometimes I eat meat or fish and every day at dinner I eat home made soup cooked by my grandparents.

I don´t eat junk food, I like it but it isn´t healthy, it has too much fat, sugar and salt. I´m skinny so I do not have to worry so much about my body image but I have to take care of my health.

To keep fit I do exercise and sport. I do acrobatics gymnastic five days to week for three hours a day.

I am an active, a social and sporty person. I watch TV everyday but not for a long time, I prefer to be doing outdoors activities.

I have Instagram, Facebook and other social media but I am not addicted.


Mafalda’s Eating Habits

I have healthy and unhealthy eating habits and I don’t have a healthy lifestyle.Food plays a big role in my life, but nevertheless I worry about my health and sometimes I’m careful about my diet and way of life.

I have a varied diet, sometimes I eat healthy food and sometimes I eat unhealthy food, because that isn’t up to me. I don’t make food at home, so I eat what my mom gives me. I would love to eat more healthy food, and I would really love to lose some weight.

When I was a kid, I did a lot of sports, but today I don’t do sports any more. Honestly I’m a couch potato that doesn’t do much. I rarely go for a walk.

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Margarida´s Favourite Place in Portugal

My favourite place in Portugal is Belmonte. Belmonte is situated in the north of Portugal, district of Castelo Branco in Cova da Beira. It’s a medieval village, where people are very friendly, fun and cozy. I have family and friends there.

Pedro Alvares Cabral, the discoverer of Brazil, was born in Belmonte. There’s a statue in his honour in one street. In this village there is a museum about the Discoveries as well as other museums, such as the olive oil museum, the Jews museum, Zêzere’s ecomuseum, the Church of Santiago and the Cabrais Pantheon.The main attraction is the castle built by the king D.Afonso III in the 13th century.

In summer a medieval fair is held in Belmonte. Some people dress in medieval costumes and there are many stalls with accessories of that era such as necklaces, bracelets and medieval clothing. There are also several performances in the street as horse racing and theater plays. Near the end of the fair there’s a show celebrating an important event in the village’s history.

In this lovely village there are  many shops selling medieval toys and instruments. We can taste typical local foods: great cheese and sausages.The views are very beautiful and vibrant.  Around Belmonte there are several river beaches with clear, transparent water.


Mafalda’s Favourite Place to visit in Portugal

My favourite place in Portugal is Peniche, a Portuguese seaside town in the west. Peniche has a great beach, and recently there was a surf competition, because in winter the waves are very high. They’re considered some of the best in Europe.

Peniche is very cold in the winter, and a little cold in summer, but the water is very cold all year long. It is a great place to visit because it’s very welcoming and a good place to relax.

There are some islands near Peniche called ‘Berlengas’. We can go there by boat. It’s a nature reserve,  famous for its wildlife: birds, reptiles and plant species. If you want to learn more about Berlengas, watch the video below and have a look at this site Berlengas Nature Reserve.





Mafalda’s Summer Holidays

The most memorable moment of my last summer was the day that I went to the ‘Colete Encarnado’. It’s a traditional festival in Vila Franca de Xira, a city near Lisbon, that takes place in the first weekend of July. It celebrates local traditions and customs. I enjoyed it a lot because I love Portuguese traditions.

The worst day of my last summer was the day I had my tonsils removed and the following week because I had horrible pain, and I couldn’t eat anything.

I didn’t meet anyone last summer, because my holidays were spent  where I live. I only went to the north of the country for 4 days.

I spent most of my time with my family, my boyfriend and with my dog.

Next summer I would like to spend my holidays with my friends.



Margarida’s Summer Holidays

Hello everyone!!!

In these summer holidays I went to various places.

When summer started I stayed at home because my parents were still working and I had gymnastics training.

The first place I visited was Figueira da Foz. I spent one week there with my grandparents. I visited my cousins, went to the pool,went to the beach and took care of my cousins’ pets. In Figueira da Foz I went to an adventure park.

During July I stayed at home, went to training, went to the pool and had sleep overs at my friends’ homes. One weekend my parents, my sister and I went to Ericeira with some friends. In Ericeira it was cold and windy.

At the beginning of August I went to Belmonte for three days. I stayed at my cousins’ house. During these days we visited the medieval fair. When I went to the north I visited my best friend who has a house in Guarda.
After staying in Belmonte I went to Albufeira as well as to Lagos and Guia. There I went to the beach every day and at the beach there was a very large inflatable on the water.
One day I baked cupcakes and they looked great and were very tasty.
In downtown Albufeira there are many bars and shops. Every year there’s a sand sculpture in the center.
Near the end of my summer holidays I went to a wedding in Belmonte. My sister, my cousin and I were bridesmaids. The wedding was fantastic.


Margarida’s Favourite Thing

Hi World!!!

My name is Margarida.

My favourite thing is Acrobatic Gymnastics because it is great fun and I love to do somersaults and other exercises. In gymnastics I do triplet and I´m one of the bases. There I dance, do acrobatics, train my flexibility and muscles. I train five times a week for three hours.

I’m also fond of canoeing and rollerblading. I’m really a sports person! I enjoy cooking for my family.