Margarida’s Summer Holidays

Hello everyone!!!

In these summer holidays I went to various places.

When summer started I stayed at home because my parents were still working and I had gymnastics training.

The first place I visited was Figueira da Foz. I spent one week there with my grandparents. I visited my cousins, went to the pool,went to the beach and took care of my cousins’ pets. In Figueira da Foz I went to an adventure park.

During July I stayed at home, went to training, went to the pool and had sleep overs at my friends’ homes. One weekend my parents, my sister and I went to Ericeira with some friends. In Ericeira it was cold and windy.

At the beginning of August I went to Belmonte for three days. I stayed at my cousins’ house. During these days we visited the medieval fair. When I went to the north I visited my best friend who has a house in Guarda.
After staying in Belmonte I went to Albufeira as well as to Lagos and Guia. There I went to the beach every day and at the beach there was a very large inflatable on the water.
One day I baked cupcakes and they looked great and were very tasty.
In downtown Albufeira there are many bars and shops. Every year there’s a sand sculpture in the center.
Near the end of my summer holidays I went to a wedding in Belmonte. My sister, my cousin and I were bridesmaids. The wedding was fantastic.



  1. G’day Margarida,
    I would love to know what was at the medieval fair you went to. What type of stalls and entertainment? Did you have to dress in medieval costumes?

  2. Hello Miss W.
    In medieval fair there were many stalls with instruments of that era; Necklaces, bracelets and medieval clothing.
    Also there were several spectacles in the street as horse racing and theaters.
    I didn´t have to wear medieval clothing but was many people dressed in these costumes.

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