Mafalda’s Favourite Place to visit in Portugal

My favourite place in Portugal is Peniche, a Portuguese seaside town in the west. Peniche has a great beach, and recently there was a surf competition, because in winter the waves are very high. They’re considered some of the best in Europe.

Peniche is very cold in the winter, and a little cold in summer, but the water is very cold all year long. It is a great place to visit because it’s very welcoming and a good place to relax.

There are some islands near Peniche called ‘Berlengas’. We can go there by boat. It’s a nature reserve,  famous for its wildlife: birds, reptiles and plant species. If you want to learn more about Berlengas, watch the video below and have a look at this site Berlengas Nature Reserve.






  1. G’day Mafalda,
    I would love to visit Portugal sometime and I really enjoyed the timelapse video. Well done.

  2. Thank you for all the reasons why Portugal is your favorite place to visit. I have actually want to go to Portugal because it seems really fun.

  3. That video was truely magical

  4. Hey Mafalda!

    Your post urges me to visit Portugal sometime! Your reasons for why it is such an amazing place truly seem fun and enjoyable. Your Time lapse video really captures the country’s beauty!
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  5. Hey Mafalda,
    Peniche looks BEAUTIFUL! The video that you made looks amazing. I have to go sometime in the future. Did you swim in the ocean? If you would like to look at my blog, here is a link.

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