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Mafalda’s Summer Holidays

The most memorable moment of my last summer was the day that I went to the ‘Colete Encarnado’. It’s a traditional festival in Vila Franca de Xira, a city near Lisbon, that takes place in the first weekend of July. It celebrates local traditions and customs. I enjoyed it a lot because I love Portuguese traditions.

The worst day of my last summer was the day I had my tonsils removed and the following week because I had horrible pain, and I couldn’t eat anything.

I didn’t meet anyone last summer, because my holidays were spent  where I live. I only went to the north of the country for 4 days.

I spent most of my time with my family, my boyfriend and with my dog.

Next summer I would like to spend my holidays with my friends.



Margarida’s Summer Holidays

Hello everyone!!!

In these summer holidays I went to various places.

When summer started I stayed at home because my parents were still working and I had gymnastics training.

The first place I visited was Figueira da Foz. I spent one week there with my grandparents. I visited my cousins, went to the pool,went to the beach and took care of my cousins’ pets. In Figueira da Foz I went to an adventure park.

During July I stayed at home, went to training, went to the pool and had sleep overs at my friends’ homes. One weekend my parents, my sister and I went to Ericeira with some friends. In Ericeira it was cold and windy.

At the beginning of August I went to Belmonte for three days. I stayed at my cousins’ house. During these days we visited the medieval fair. When I went to the north I visited my best friend who has a house in Guarda.
After staying in Belmonte I went to Albufeira as well as to Lagos and Guia. There I went to the beach every day and at the beach there was a very large inflatable on the water.
One day I baked cupcakes and they looked great and were very tasty.
In downtown Albufeira there are many bars and shops. Every year there’s a sand sculpture in the center.
Near the end of my summer holidays I went to a wedding in Belmonte. My sister, my cousin and I were bridesmaids. The wedding was fantastic.