Mafalda’s Favourite Thing

Hello, my name is Mafalda, I am 15 years old and I’m going to write about my favourite thing.

My favourite thing is my dog Luna. She means a lot to me, she is 11 years old, she came to my house when I was only 4 years old, so I grew up with her.When I was  younger I played house with her. Basically  it consisted in me pretending to give her a cup of something, but the cup was empty.

I know that she’s older now but she’s very crazy, she loves to swim and to rub in the sand. I really love my dog, and I’m very annoying to her. I’m always trying to play with her but she’s always sleeping.

She loves to eat and she likes everything, that’s why she’s a little fat, but she’s still the most beautiful dog in the world. Once she had 12 baby dogs, and they were so cute, but they are 6 years old now, I really miss them.

What about you? What are your favourite things?



-Mafalda #16stubc

Mafalda’s Dream School

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My dream school has to be very big, with a pool, a gym, a room for all the students and we can leave our things in that room and go to  classes. In my dream school we don’t have many classes, and in classes we learn but we have fun too. Classes only last 60 minutes and we have a 30-minute break.

After classes we can stay in school to swim or to go to the gym, and the school could have a Mc Donald’s too. That’s my dream school.


Margarida’s Dream School

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Hello everyone!!! Today I want to write about MY DREAM SCHOOL.

My dream school is very big and modern. It is attractive and pretty. Some walls are painted with graffiti.This school has to be 100% about technology and sports because I love the internet and most sports.

In my dream school there is a very large sports field and various sports are played there. We must have tablets in classes too. Students can be members of various clubs: radio, drama, science, dance, etc…

You can express yourself as you like.

And this is my dream school.

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