Margarida’s Dream School

Old Trees 214 Russ Seidel via Compfight

Hello everyone!!! Today I want to write about MY DREAM SCHOOL.

My dream school is very big and modern. It is attractive and pretty. Some walls are painted with graffiti.This school has to be 100% about technology and sports because I love the internet and most sports.

In my dream school there is a very large sports field and various sports are played there. We must have tablets in classes too. Students can be members of various clubs: radio, drama, science, dance, etc…

You can express yourself as you like.

And this is my dream school.

Urbana - Bruxelles - Chantier Fortis (Rue Ravenstein) Antonio Ponte via Compfight


  1. thanks for telling me how to write a good comment

  2. You’re welcome 21goddet.

  3. I love the video and how it is creative and gets to he point.

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