About Us



We think that our school is very small and a little old-fashioned. We like our school because we have our friends there.

Our school is situated in Alhandra, Vila Franca De Xira, Portugal. In our school there are five main buildings (A,B,C,D,E). In building D we can find the canteen, a bar and a stationer’s. In building A there’s the photocopier room, the staffroom and the school office. And in all the builidings we have classrooms.

Our subjects are Portuguese, Maths, History, Science, Physics and Chemistry, Geography, Art, Image Techonology, ICT, French, English, Physical Education. And our clubs are Dance Club, Drama Club, Badminton Club, Swimming Club, Basketball Club, Science Club and Trampolines Club.

Our favourite school facility is the bar. Our favourite subjects are English and Physical Education. Our favourite school activity is School Day.

We wake up, we take a shower, we get dressed, we eat and we go to school. In school we have classes, after school we have lunch and go home. At home we study, do our homework, we have a snack. After eating we watch TV and we surf the internet, we have dinner and we go to the bed.

We don’t like classes because they are boring but we like the food at the bar.