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Margarida´s Eating Habits

Hi everyone! Today I would like to write about eating habits and lifestyle. I have  healthy eating habits and lifestyle.

Food plays a big role in my life because food contains vitamins and minerals that do us goog especially fibers that prevent cancer. I am careful with my diet because I do a lot of sport and my coaches pay special attention to our food habits.

My daily diet is based on fresh and healthy food. I eat fruit and vegetables every day, sometimes I eat meat or fish and every day at dinner I eat home made soup cooked by my grandparents.

I don´t eat junk food, I like it but it isn´t healthy, it has too much fat, sugar and salt. I´m skinny so I do not have to worry so much about my body image but I have to take care of my health.

To keep fit I do exercise and sport. I do acrobatics gymnastic five days to week for three hours a day.

I am an active, a social and sporty person. I watch TV everyday but not for a long time, I prefer to be doing outdoors activities.

I have Instagram, Facebook and other social media but I am not addicted.


Mafalda’s Eating Habits

I have healthy and unhealthy eating habits and I don’t have a healthy lifestyle.Food plays a big role in my life, but nevertheless I worry about my health and sometimes I’m careful about my diet and way of life.

I have a varied diet, sometimes I eat healthy food and sometimes I eat unhealthy food, because that isn’t up to me. I don’t make food at home, so I eat what my mom gives me. I would love to eat more healthy food, and I would really love to lose some weight.

When I was a kid, I did a lot of sports, but today I don’t do sports any more. Honestly I’m a couch potato that doesn’t do much. I rarely go for a walk.

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